Code of Conduct Policy

Segal Academy Code of Conduct

 Bullying is defined as any form of intentional, aggressive, or demeaning behaviour by a student or a group of students, or any attempt to hurt or intimidate others. Bullying can be physical or emotional in nature and can also include any negative actions which occur over social media.

All students and their Parents/Guardians agree to uphold this Code of Conduct and understand that the student may be subject to dismissal from their program with no refund of course fees if in breach of any of the policies listed below. 

  1. The Segal Academy is committed to providing a safe environment where relationships are characterized by dignity, respect, and equitable treatment. Students are expected to respect themselves, respect others, and respect our facilities at all times.
  2. Students understand that they do not have the right to negatively affect the experience of any other person and that this will lead to their dismissal from the Academy. Students will not bully, coerce, use hateful language, sexually harass, demean or threaten other students or staff. Any report of sexual harassment or misconduct or other illegal behaviour will be re-directed to the appropriate authorities.
  3. Participants are accepted to the Segal Academy with the understanding that their instructors and assistants were not hired to be disciplinarians. It is understood and appreciated that it is not fair to the rest of our students or the staff, when a staff member is forced to spend an inordinate amount of time disciplining one student because it decreases the amount of time and attention that the staff member is able to devote to their other students and to the development and implementation of our program. As such, it is understood that any participant whose behaviour causes such disruptions may, at the discretion of the Director, be dismissed from the Program.
  4. To demonstrate respect, only appropriate language is acceptable. Profanity and hateful language are strictly forbidden. 
  5. The parents or guardians of any student that is involved in any vandalism or defacement of Segal Centre property will be required to pay for any materials, parts, or labour necessary to repair or replace the damaged property.