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META Awards

Outstanding Lighting Design, Tim Rodrigues, English

Outstanding Lead Performance – PACT Production, Daniel Brochu, Every Brilliant Thing
Outstanding Pact Production, Hudson Village Theatre & Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Every Brilliant Thing

Outstanding Direction, Caitlin Murphy, Small Mouth Sounds
Outstanding Lead Performance-Actress, Warona Setshwaelo, Small Mouth Sounds
Outstanding Set Design, Pierre-Bruno Houle, Small Mouth Sounds
Outstanding Sound Design and/or Composition, Oran Eldor, Nick Burgess, Lucie Cauchon, Mythic 

Outstanding emerging Artist(s) – Performance, Eva Foote, Once
Outstanding Choreography and / or Movement Direction, Ray Hogg, Indecent
Outstanding Set Design, Pierre-Étienne Locas, A Doll’s House, Part 2
Outstanding Lead Performance-Actress, Eva Foote, Once
Outstanding Lead Performance- Actor, Ryan Bommarito, Indecent 

Outstanding Sound Design / Composition, Christian Thomas, Marjorie Prime
Outstanding Lighting Design, Claude Accolas, The Angel & The Sparrow
Outstanding Supporting Performance – Actor, Tyrone Benskin, Marjorie Prime

Unsung Hero of the Theatre (UHOT) Award, Paul Brian Imperial, Associate Producer, Segal Centre for Performing Arts
Outstanding Set Design, Martin Ferland, My Name Is Asher Lev
Outstanding Supporting Performance – Actor, Alex Poch-Goldin, My Name Is Asher Lev
Outstanding Supporting Performance – Actress, Ellen David, My Name Is Asher Lev

Outstanding Community Production, The Producers
Outstanding Costume Design, Michael Gianfrancesco, Funny Girl
Outstanding Set Design, Michael Gianfrancesco, Funny Girl

Outstanding Original Composition, Matthew Barber and Justin Rutledge, The Graduate
Outstanding Lighting Design, Kimberly Purtell, We Are Not Alone (Crow’s Theatre)
Outstanding Costume Design, Louise Bourret, Travesties
Outstanding Set Design, Pierre-Étienne Locas, Travesties
Outstanding PACT Production, Travesties 

Outstanding Emerging Artist, Aiza Ntibarikure, Ain’t Misbehavin’
Outstanding Lighting Design, Martin Sirois, Top Girls
Outstanding Costume Design, Mylène Chabrol, Top Girls
Outstanding Set Design, Max-Otto Fauteux, Top Girls
Outstanding Lead Performance, Leni Parker, Top Girls
Outstanding Direction, Micheline Chevrier, Top Girls
Outstanding Supporting Performance, Daniel Brochu, Othello
Outstanding Supporting Performance, Julie Tamiko Manning, Othello

Outstanding Set Design, Eo Sharp, Red
Outstanding Sound Design, Jesse Ash, Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Lighting Design, Luc Prairie, Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Costume Design, James Lavoie, Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Direction, Andrew Shaver, Sherlock Holmes
Outstanding Production, Sherlock Holmes

Capital Critics Circle Award (Ottawa)
Best Professional Play, Belles Soeurs: The Musical (2016)

Sterling Awards
Best Production, We Are Not Alone (2018-2019)

Masques Awards
Best English Language Production, I Am My Own Wife (2006-2007)
Best English Production, The Glass Menagerie (2002-2003
Best English Production, Salt Water Moon (2001-2002)
Best English Production, Betrayal (2000- 2001) 
Best Actress(es), Viola Léger and Linda Sorgini, Grace and Glorie (1999-2000)
Lifetime Achievement Award to Dora Wasserman (1998-1999)

AQCT French Critics
Best English Language Production, Amadeus (2006-2007)

MECCA Awards
Outstanding Costume Design - James Lavoie, Lies My Father Told Me (2010-2011)
Outstanding Direction - Greg Kramer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (2008-2009)
Best Sound Design, Rob Denton, The Satchmo’ Suite (2006-2007)
Best Set Design, Yannik Larivée, I Am My Own Wife/Amadeus (2006-2007)
Best Actor, Brett Christopher, I Am My Own Wife (2006-2007)
Best Director, Alexandre Marine, Amadeus (2006-2007) 
Best Professional Production, The Importance of Being Earnest (2005-2006)
Best Director, Peter Hinton, A Doll House (2005-2006)
Best Lighting, Spike Lyne, My Old Lady (2005-2006)
Best Set Design, Peter Hartwell, The Importance of Being Earnest (2005-2006)
Best Actor, Martha Henry, Rose (2004-2005) 
Best Professional Production, Hedda Gabler (2003-2004)
Best Actor, Don Anderson, De Profundis (Gravy Bath) (2004-2005)
Best Semi Pro/Amateur, Kali Yuga (Gravy Bath) (2004-2005)
Best Actor, Gareth Armstrong, Shylock (2002-2003)
Best Actress, Michelle Monteith, The Glass Menagerie (2002-2003)
Best Director, Madd Harold, Shakespeare's Coriolanus (Gravy Bath) (2003-2004)
Best Semi Pro/Amateur, Shakespeare's Coriolanus (Gravy Bath) (2003-2004)
Best Ensemble, Theatre Smith-Gilmour, Chekhov's Shorts (2001-2002)
Best Actor, Pierre Brault, Blood on the Moon (2001-2002)
Best Professional Production - Salt Water Moon (2001-2002)
Best Actress, Uta Hagen, Collected Stories (2000-2001)
Best Semi-Professional Production,The Threepenny Opera (Yiddish Theatre) (2000-2001)
Best Production, After the Dance (2000-2001)
Award of Distinction to Bryna Wasserman (2000-2001)
Best New Ensemble to Montreal Young Company
Best Semi-Professional Production, The Great Houdini (Yiddish Theatre) (1999-2000)
Best English Production, Betrayal (2000-2001)

The Masques are awarded by the Académie québécoise du Théâtre
The MECCAs are awarded by the Montreal English Critics Circle