The Sages of Chelm

21 juin 2020 - 13 avr. 2020 | Studio


By Abraham Shulman
Music by Eli Rubinstein

Directed and Choreographed by Jonathan Patterson
Musical Direction by Nick Burgess

One of the DWYT’s most beloved musicals!
It is said that when Earth was created and the time came to fill it with people, an angel was chosen to deposit wise and foolish souls evenly over the land. But after getting caught on a mountaintop, the sack of foolish souls spilled out into the town of Chelm. This heart-warming, humourous, and musically rich production showcases the wisdom found in simplicity and is a loving tribute to Eastern European Jewish folklore.

“You must make people laugh, dance, cry – all the pleasures and passions must be there.”- Eli Rubinstein, composer
The Sages of Chelm is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser in any language” – Pat Donnelly, The Montreal Gazette