Statement on Violence in Israel - October 10, 2023

Dear friends, patrons, colleagues, and neighbours,

Our home, the Segal Centre for Performing Arts, is located in the heart of the Montreal Jewish community. We take pride in being a space where people of diverse backgrounds meet, and in creating and offering theatre that builds relationships and understanding. Our values have always been rooted in compassion and inclusivity, whether in fulfilling our Jewish identity mandate or when we present the diverse perspectives of others.

This weekend was a harrowing one in Israel, and we at the Segal Centre are reeling from the horrific news of the attacks on civilians. The weight of it all bears heavily on our hearts, especially as we think of the unimaginable loss of innocent lives and the great impact this has on our Jewish community and those affected in the region. Along with you, we are shocked, afraid, and we are grieving.

We are comforted by our work and our community coming together in this time of need. The arts have traditionally served as both an escape and an educator. We believe that theatre has the power to heal, inspire, and unite.

We will continue to be a space of light and solace; we affirm our commitment to use the transformative power of theatre to educate, explore, and celebrate Jewish identity and create bridges of understanding between communities.