Hughesical: Our 13th Annual Musical Fundraiser

Feb 05, 2023 - Feb 05, 2023 | Sylvan Adams Theatre

2 p.m. & 7 p.m.

Director & Choreographer Trevor Barrette
Musical Director Nick Burgess
Co-Chairs Carrie Mazoff & Elissa Lifson

 "The question isn’t, 'what are we going to do?' The question is, 'what aren’t we going to do?'”

Inspired by Ferris Bueller's Day OffSixteen CandlesThe Breakfast Club, and Pretty in PinkHughesical is a musical tribute to John Hughes, the man who established the modern American teen movie genre - in all its 1980s glory! Perhaps it’s the soundtrack of your childhood, or perhaps you just love Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall – either way, this show will be, like, totally righteous!

Featuring hit songs by Madonna, The Boss, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Bon Jovi, George Michael, Whitney Houston, and more! 

This incredible fundraising initiative co-chaired by Carrie Mazoff and Elissa Lifson puts you center stage and benefits the Segal Centre's commitment to world-class English theatre, Jewish culture, and arts education.

Hughesical! is an original concept by Anisa Cameron & Nick Burgess, originally produced by Bialik Theatre, 2016.


Donate to the Hughesical superstar of your choice by clicking on their names!

Carol Barrs

Diane Antonelli

Carrie Mazoff & Elissa Lifson

Stephanie McKenna

Hannah Pichhadze

Heather Leckner

Jackson & Anthony Seidman

Jennifer Gardos

Jonathan Konigsberg

Jonathan Ginter

Jordana Dobski Kujavsky

Leah Fima

Lonnie Brodkin-Schneider

Melanie Thompson

Menashi Mashaal

Miryam Barac

Moishe Campbell

Nedivah Finegold

Perry Shak

Stephanie Raby-Naimer

Riana Levy

Scarlett Lifson

Shari Ann Fleming

Shiri Tamam

Sidney Serour

Simone Moloney

Sonny Silverstein

Carly Billick

Stephen Maclean Rogers

Leidy Ojeda

Earl Luger

Myer Bick

Mitchell Brownstein

Elan Kunin


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