Within the Glass

Mar 27, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019 | Studio

Procreation. Continuing the family line. Strengthening the human species. What does it take to be a parent?

In Concordia alumna Anna Chatterton’s play, Within The Glass, two very different couples meet after a critical mistake at a fertility clinic: a fertilized egg has been implanted into the wrong woman. Over the course of an awkward and absurd evening, they fight to determine the uncertain future of their IVF child. The situation forces each of them to reassess their relationships, the depths of their desire to parent, and their hopes for the future.

In keeping with d² productions commitment to accessibility, on Saturday March 30, 8pm the performance will have sound enhancement for the benefit of patrons with hearing loss. Select seats near the stage will be available and a comprehensive synopsis of the play will be offered as well. This performance is suitable for all audiences.

By Anna Chatterton
Directed by Dale Hayes
Associate Producer Max Mehran
Stage Manager Dan Liboiron
with Helena Levitt, Leigh Ann Taylor, Steve Gillam, Daniel Gervais 

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Within The Glass will be performed by arrangement with Ian Arnold, Catalyst TCM Inc.