Sunday @ the Segal - Boom X

Feb 17, 2019 - Feb 17, 2019 | Segal Theatre

This Sunday @ the Segal will explore the journey and process behind the “BOOM Trilogy”. Panelists will share their perspectives on historical storytelling and what creative tools and discoveries have helped build these successful and spectacular productions. 

Producer & Reporter, CJAD 800 AM

Stage Manager / Dramaturg

Craig Francis is a writer, illustrator, performer, and multi-disciplinary creator, whose works are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. A founding member of the 20K Collective, he is the co-author and co-director with Rick Miller on the pro­ductions Jungle Book, GAME of CLONES, and Frankenstein (w. Rick Miller and Paul Van Dyck), as well as their stage manager. He’s the co-author and stage manager of the theatrical adaptation of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (directed by Miller), and a producer, designer, dramaturg, and stage manager for Miller’s solo productions BOOM and BOOM X. Craig is co-creating reimagined adaptations of Wizard of Oz, Rose Red, and an Animazia animated series. He illustrates the cartoon characters for the Kidoons Network videos (as well as writing and voicing them), which are on display at museums in four provinces, with millions of views. Craig performed TheatreSports and improv comedy internationally for 12 years; stage credits include The Refugee Hotel (Teesri Duniya/Segal Centre). He lives in Montreal, where he has illustrated several books, been a commentator on radio and TV, and voiced several cartoons and video games.

Writer / Director /Performer

Rick Miller is a Dora and Gemini award-winning writer / director / actor / musician / educator who has performed in five languages on five continents and who Entertainment Weekly called “one of the 100 most creative people alive today”. He has created and toured solo shows such as the hit sensation BOOM, MacHomer, and (w. Daniel Brooks) Bigger Than Jesus and HARDSELL. With Robert Lepage, he has collaborated on Geometry of Miracles, Zulu Time, Lipsynch, and on the film Possible Worlds. As the artistic director of WYRD Productions and co-creative director of the Kidoons Network, Rick has most recently developed BOOM and its sequel BOOM X, and (w. Craig Francis) Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, GAME of CLONES, Jungle Book, and (w. Craig Francis and Paul Van Dyck) Frankenstein; as well as animated series that educate, enlighten, empower, and entertain young people. He often teaches an interdisciplinary class at the University of Toronto called The Architecture of Creativity. Rick is from Montreal, and lives in Toronto with his partner Stephanie Baptist and their two daughters.

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