Late Company

Dec 10, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019 | Studio

d² productions presents
Late Company by Jordan Tannahill
Featuring Helena Levitt, Steve Gillam, Leigh Ann Taylor, Daniel Gervais and Aidan Dmytriw 
Director Dale Hayes
Producers Dale Hayes and Max Mehran
Technical advisor Dan Liboiron
Poster design Matthew Perks

Inspired by the real-life case of bullied teen Jamie Hubley who took his life in Ottawa in 2011, Late Company is a poignantly relevant contemporary story of forgiveness, culpability, and reprisal. Set over the course of one evening, a family, stricken by the loss of their son, Joel, who was severely bullied in high school and online primarily for his sexuality, attempts to build a bridge instead of placing blame. In part due to the minimal involvement from the school, Joel felt he had nowhere else to turn. The play delves into a myriad of issues ranging from teenage mental health, bullying, homophobia, teen suicide, the failure in providing an appropriate support system to someone in need, to the decomposition of two families trying to survive this tragedy.

Please note the performance on Saturday Dec 14, 8 pm will be sound enhanced.