Go Well: A Journey Home with Maurice Podbrey

Nov 08, 2023 - Nov 08, 2023 | Studio

It was the mid-1990s and Mandela had just become South Africa’s new president in its first free election. Maurice Podbrey was inspired to return to his homeland after a 27-year career in Montreal as Centaur Theatre’s founding Artistic Director. Could he rediscover the country he had left so many years before? Could he make a contribution?

“I didn’t know the country when I left it, I was too young, it was under Apartheid. I need to go back.”

Join us for an evening as he recounts his story.

Maurice Podbrey - Biography
Maurice Podbrey was born in South Africa and trained for the theatre in Britain. In 1966, he was invited to join the staff of the National Theatre School in Montreal and in 1969, he founded the Centaur Theatre Company, which he ran for 27 years. After leaving the Centaur, he spent several years dividing his time between Canada and South Africa, where he has been involved in cultural and community development. He recently performed in the Segal Centre’s production of Prayer for the French Republic.

Recognition for his work in Montreal came from The Concert Society of the Jewish People’s and Peretz Schools and an Honorary Doctorate from Concordia University. In 1991, he became a member of the Order of Canada.