Counter Offence

Mar 15, 2023 - Apr 02, 2023 | Studio

Set in 90’s Montreal, Counter Offence tells the story of Shazia, an Indo-Quebecois woman who finds herself caught in an abusive marriage with Shapoor, an Iranian man grappling with complex parental problems, and challenges of immigration. Things take a turn when Shapoor is arrested on domestic violence charges by Sgt. Galliard, a white officer staunchly dedicated to preventing violence against women. Moolchand, an Indo-Canadian anti-racist activist, comes to Shapoor’s defense, by accusing Galliard and the entire SPVM of racial bias. Clarinda Keith, a Black social worker, defends Galliard despite the police’s undeniable racism against people of colour, in order to support the voices of vulnerable women. When suddenly a body is found, everyone is a suspect as lines between what is right and wrong become blurred. Counter Offence explores multiple realities existing simultaneously, and asks the question: how can one discover truth through conflicting narratives?

Content Warning: Violence and strong language

Minimum age: 14+