Camille: The Story

Jun 21, 2022 - Jul 03, 2022 | Studio

The English version of the immersive, multisensory show
Camille: le récit.

​A show created by Audrey-Anne Bouchard
in collaboration with Joseph Browne, Marijoe Foucher, Laurence Gagnon Lefebvre, Laurie-Anne Langis, and Marc-André Lapointe.

Camille: The Story is an immersive performance about the end of a friendship. 
Designed to engage all of your senses – except sight – this revised version of the show Camille: un rendez-vous au-delà du visuel offers a sensory experience that is accessible to all audience members, whether blind, partially sighted, or sighted.
After his close friend Camille’s departure, Pierre navigates her absence and revisits memories that take shape through movement, smell and sound. The different tableaux, realistic or abstract, shed light on Pierre’s journey and emotions as he faces the challenge of creating ties with new people.

This unusual work, specially designed for people living with visual impairments, offers a completely new sensory encounter with dance and theatre. Audience members are invited to enter the performance space, to sit at the centre of the set, as the story unfolds. The small capacity of six audience members per performance promises an intimate, unique, and multisensory experience.

The work is entirely accessible to people who are blind and to all audiences
(12 years old and older).
People who are sighted and partially sighted must wear a blindfold from the beginning to the end of the performance.

Creative team:

Direction: Audrey-Anne Bouchard
Text: Audrey-Anne Bouchard and Marc-André Lapointe
English Translation: Alexis Diamond
Choreography: Laurie-Anne Langis and Marijoe Foucher
Performer-Guides: Peter Farbridge, Alexandra Laferrière, Laurie-Anne LangisMarc-André Lapointe, Sarah Leblanc-Gosselin and Joan Wiecha
Set and costume design: Laurence Gagnon Lefebvre in collaboration with Diana Uribe
Sound design and composition: Joseph Browne in collaboration with Rob Denton
This work includes excerpts from the musical piece “Dream 1” (Before the wind blows it all away) by Max Richter.
Direction assistant and Stage management : Sarah Gagné
Technical direction: Étienne Mongrain Vaillancourt

Creative collaborator: Denise Beaudry
Directing mentor: Arianna Bardesono
Writing and dramaturgy coaches: Pascal Brullemans and Émilie Martz-Khun (CEAD)
The English translation of this piece was commissioned by Playwrights Workshop Montreal under the dramaturgical supervision of Emma Thibaldo.

Production team:

Producer: Audrey-Anne Bouchard 
Communications assistant and social media: Marc-André Lapointe
Public development: Sarah Gagné
Programming agent: Valérie Cusson - Cusson Management

This work is supported by the following public partners 

Canada Council for the Arts
Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec 
Le Conseil des arts de Montréal 

The creation of this work in its original French version and in its English translation was supported by the following partners

MAI: Montréal arts interculturels
Segal Centre for Performing Arts
Playwrights Workshop Montreal
matralab studio (Concordia University)
L’Arrondissement de LaSalle
La maison de la culture Janine-Sutto
La maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
Studio 303

A special thanks to the Regroupement des aveugles et amblyopes du Montréal metropolitain (RAAMM), to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and to all the people living with a visual impairment who participated in the creation of this work.