Antisemitism statement

The Segal Centre is situated in the heart of Montreal’s Jewish community. An integral part of our mandate is to explore facets of our Jewish identity through the arts and to act as a bridge between many cultures and communities by sharing those stories.
We are saddened and alarmed that Montreal is still experiencing a rise in antisemitism and antisemitic attacks.

In 2020 we issued a statement affirming our commitment to listen, build awareness, and do the work of anti-racism and anti-discrimination on all levels. This statement still stands. We continue to remember Elie Wiesel’s powerful words: “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

We are reminded that theatre essentially speaks to the complexity, fragility, and joys of our shared humanity. Whether the play is set in an Eastern European village, a Quebecois kitchen, a Korean family-owned convenience store, or a residential school, the power of these stories leads to transformative conversations, ones meant to move us towards mutual understanding, respect, and love.

As an arts organization that celebrates Jewish identity and has historically told those stories on our stage for over 60 years, we support both Jewish and non-Jewish voices to speak out unequivocally against discrimination, including antisemitism. In doing so, we continue to use our knowledge and platform to explore and elevate diverse experiences across all communities. The Segal Centre will always seek to be a space for inviting discourse while providing a safer space for everyone regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.

May we all keep telling our stories, and may we keep listening to the stories of others; and keep fighting against hate here in our community.